Working Area Synchronverter

The Background

The proportion of renewable energy in the power grids worldwide is increasing. In order to sustainably curb CO2 emissions and escape the drawbacks of nuclear energy, large industrial nations in particular are relying more and more on alternatives.

Linie Synchronverter

The Problem

The power grids, evolved over decades, are exclusively based on generators that supply the energy in the form of alternating current.

Grids designed for generators

Renewable electricity is, for the most part, fed into the existing network via electronic converter technology. Because of the increasing use of this technology, the networks are increasingly lacking the momentum of the generators that keep them stable during natural fluctuations. It can therefore be assumed that from a certain percentage renewable electricity, a grid loses stability considerably. An extensive and uninterrupted power supply is then no longer possible.

The expansion of renewable energy are jeopardizing the system stability of the power grids. As a result plant operators don't allow additional installations beyond a certain percentage or rely on traditionell generators for grid stabilisation.

Risk of a black out
Black Out
Linie Synchronverter

The Solution

Synchronverter solves this problem! With a highly complex algorithm, a power inverter with Synchronverter technology can behave as though it were a classic generator with momentum.

The network therefore regains stability and the proportion of renewable energy can then be increased without worry. The path is therefore free for a future in which electricity can be produced and distributed largely in a clean, safe and resource-saving manner.

The Synchronverter is an advanced control algorithm that enables the smooth integration of up to 100% of renewable energy within the grid, while transforming RES inverters into cutting-edge grid stabilizing devices.

Linie Synchronverter

Problem Manifestations



Millions of people utilize off-grid systems for electricity, as they do not have access to central power grids. Yet due to system instability, off-grid systems cannot contain high levels of renewable energy sources.


Poor Grid

Poor electric grids are prevalent in many developing and developed countries, and are extremely sensitive to load imbalance, which causes frequency fluctuations.

Poor grids

Good Grid

Vast RES integration within high-quality power grids can cause extreme instability, creating the need to generate power for balancing purposes.

Good grids
Linie Synchronverter

Innovative Algorithm Technology

The Synchronverter allows conventional DC/AC converters to create the inertia required for grid stability:

The Synchronverter mimics local control loops similar to synchronous generators' control, generating active power source participation in grid stabilization.

The algorithm computes the induced voltages on the virtual generator's stator winding at any given moment, without lags or tracking errors.

Droop coeffcients and complex non-linear droop curves can be easily imposed via the control processor software or grid operator

Linie Synchronverter

The Synchronverter Value Proposition


Enabler of high penetration of Renewable Energy (from as low as 5%) till close to 100%

Funktioniert! Inertia

Seamless installation and possible retrofit

Funktioniert! Solution part of inverter

Seamless transition in connection and disconnection between microgrid and grid

Funktioniert! No communication needed

Funktioniert! Works like generator droop coefficients

Minimal and affordable additional cost

Funktioniert!No additional hardware

Grid expansion via Synchronverter